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Sustainability in Conservation

Sustainability in Conservation (SiC) is an international organization aimed at promoting sustainability and ecological awareness in conservation of cultural heritage and related fields. The group was founded by students in 2016 to support environmental responsibility, highlighting the duality of conserving the planet along with the art and heritage it contains. SiC aims to facilitate a united effort to encourage sustainable conduct in conservation by focusing on small changes in daily working practice to make a large difference.

SiC has a strong online presence and connects directly with students and professionals globally. With over 400 Facebook followers and active Twitter and Instagram accounts, SiC continues to grow and through the launch of the Student Ambassador Program endeavours to connect with institutions worldwide.

SiC works with leading organizations in the field including ICOM-CC and the American Institute for Conservation and is continuing to develop programs such as the Trash Project and the Alternative Materials Project to find environmentally responsible solutions for the field while maintaining the integrity of the profession.

Follow all fo SiC's work on their website:

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