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Help Save Peter Struycken's Blue Waves!

Special post today! We need your help!

"Blue Waves" (1977) by Peter Struycken, the largest outdoor environment in the Netherlands is in danger of being demolished or covered up by the municipality of Arnhem, NL. The municipality intends to turn the coloured paved structure under the flyovers into a green area, while leaving the undulation and the fountain intact. Blue Waves was originally designed as an outdoor parking area, and consists of an undulating pattern of white and blue paving stones beneath a bridge crossing the Rhine in Arnhem. Peter Struycken has essentially made a parking lot interactive, a piece of art when it is both vacant and in use. The artist himself is an extremely well known artist in the Netherlands. He has installed various other beautiful art pieces throughout the country, and is known for his pioneering role in digital art. He even taught at the art academy in the city where Blue Waves sits!

On Friday, September 22, a dedicated group of art lovers and volunteers gathered at the Blue Waves to host a protest cleaning and bring awareness to the risk the artwork is under. Some of my fellow classmates from the University of Amsterdam studying Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage also took part and were able to interview the artist himself! Check out their amazing efforts below.

Many art critics, architects, museum curators, etc. have expressed the importance of this piece of art, and now we need your help too! Share this post and any others along with the hashtag #SaveBlueWaves, and contact the city council in Arnhem to tell them to rethink their designs, open discussion up with the artist, and SAVE THE BLUE WAVES

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About the Peter Struycken:


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