Hi! I'm Raven. Some days I pretend to be Indiana Jones.

I make YouTube videos about Archaeology, Conservation and History.

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"In a simple direct sense, archaeology is a science that must be lived, must be "seasoned with humanity". Dead archaeology is the driest dust that blows"
-Mortimer Wheeler

Latest Videos

July 3, 2020

Today’s agent is: Thieves and Vandals!

Most of the other agents of deterioration are based on things like natural elements, nature and the atmosphere, but this one is purely based on human interaction, theft and destruction of cultural heritage.

Security is something tha...

May 15, 2020

The Agents of deterioration are essentially what their title describes them to be: factors that contribute to the deterioration of a cultural heritage object. The Canadian Conservation Institute has created the ultimate resource for these, and it’s freely available on...

May 6, 2020

A while back I shared a viral little pic about how people used to eat mummies. For someone who studied Egyptology, this was sort of a commonly known thing. Hilariously and sort of morbid, but yeah commonly known. Then so many people started responding to this share in...

April 7, 2020

It is time for the third and final installment of Past Pandemics! Today we’re talking about the most devastating pandemic to hit the Byzantine Empire, one of the deadliest plagues in history, a pestilence that one ancient writer claims: “the whole human race came near...

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Some days I pretend I'm Indiana Jones. Other days, I make videos about pretending to be Indiana Jones. 

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