A Turn of the Thumb - Roman Gestures in the Gladiatorial Games

February 17, 2018




This is a very special post, and a monumental moment for this passion project of mine. This week, I've teamed up with Adam Alexander Haviaras (another proud member of the three name club). Adam is a writer, historian, blogger, and archaeologist. He's also the face behind Eagles and Dragons Publishing (ie. your new favourite one-stop shop for exciting historical novels!). Adam reached out to me before this Vlog even launched, offering to share my work with his followers. Now I'm happy to say that day has finally arrived!



In conjunction with Adam's already awesome post about gladiatorial combat, I give you the first in what will hopefully be a fun series of historic film inspired videos. That's right- we're talking about Ridley Scott's infamous Gladiator and his understandable, but unfortunate misinterpretation of the infamous "Thumbs Up" gesture.


To read my usual writeup on the subject, head on over to the Eagles and Dragons Publishing blog, Writing the Past, by CLICKING HERE!!! 


While you're there, don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter. Join the Legions and to stay up to date on all of Adam's writings and research. Plus, you'll also receive a free eBook! That's right ladies and gentlemen, FREE. Get Adam's novel, Heart of Fire - a Novel of the Ancient Olympics just in time to keep you on the Pyeongchang 2018 train. 


How exciting does this book look?! 



I'd like to thank Adam for reaching out to me, and supporting this grassroots project before it even took off. I've been posting for 6 months now, and I really feel like I have a whole new community around me. Adam and I will definitely be collaborating again in the near future, so be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter, and don't forget to like Eagles and Dragons Publishing on Facebook to stay up to date! 


As always, if you have any further questions about anything you've read or watched today, shoot me an email! digitwithraven@gmail.com


If you liked this video, and want more movie tie-ins, send me your suggestions!!


Stay dirty, my friends.



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